… Sekta is a sekta — we got all the neccessary attributes of a sekta

closed membership

there are several levels in the cult’s hierarchy… neophytes undergo special tests…

financial slavery

Sektarians are zombied to bring all their money, jewellery, ipods… But they still may chose not to live in atolla Yash suburbs and keep living at home.

despotic belief

Sektarians follow and obey His Majesty Anzaly Anzoy, creature of archetype outstucture, replicated out of krautamyne.

strict ideological postulates

Idelogy is simple — feed your archetypic sexual energy no matter how perversial it would appear

common gatherings

Followers gather when Anzali Anzoy declares his magical ЭВРИБАДИ ОЛТУГЕЗА.

Shaman dances and blesses the crowd, drummers hypnotize it, after that sektarians talk,

dream in sofas, fuck, watch movies, drink handmade absinth, present new tees or whatever…